Upgrading to Fedora Silverblue 30

1 minutes read


With the recenly released Fedora 30 it was time to do my first upgrade since installing Fedora Silverblue 29 (aka Fedora Atomic Workstation).

Performing the upgrade

The instructions from the Silverblue documentation are pretty straightforward:

$ sudo ostree remote gpg-import fedora-workstation -k /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-fedora-30-primary
$ rpm-ostree rebase fedora-workstation:fedora/30/x86_64/silverblue

This took a few minutes and depends on your internet speed. Once these commands finish you’ll be told to run systemctl reboot. This will reboot your system and when the Grub menu comes up, Fedora 30 should be the default.
Profit and enjoy Fedora 30!!

Finish up

This is by far the quickest and easiest OS version upgrade I’ve ever done.
Kudos to the Silverblue Team.